The screw in the new balls may be a different size and thread pitch than what your atomizer top requires. If the screw in the new ball is too small I will add a thin plastic adapter on the screw to get a tighter fit. If the thin one is not enough I have a larger one.

If you have your old screw from a deteriorated ball, it can be exchanged with the one in the new ball. This will insure the best fit. This is a tedious procedure which can result in ruining the ball. I charge $10.00 to do it for you. For those so inclined here are instructions to do it yourself:

To remove the screw from the new ball, using sharp scissors carefully cut only the drawstring thread that holds all the loops of the netting at the top near the screw. This will loosen the netting so take care. Next, using a needle and strong thread matching the net covering, make a new drawstring by threading through each and every loop, a few at a time. Leave the ends long enough to tie, but first pry out the screw using pliers.

The head of the old screw should not be much larger than the one you removed. Grind it smaller, if necessary, so it can be inserted into the ball. You can use an ice pick or similar pointed tool that will go into the screw to hold it for inserting. You can apply a tiny amount of Vaseline or similar material to make the screw slide in easier. Do not push the screw too far into the ball. There is usually a second lip inside the ball and the screw should lodge between the two.

Now you are ready to tie up the drawstring tight and use 2 or 3 knots. Tuck about 3/4 inch of the thread ends into the netting.

Some older atomizers have a very large pewter screw with a huge head, where the ball will go up at about a 45 degree angle. Many times this screw is missing. If this is the case, you need an adapter to attach the new ball.I have a lage adapter for this but it would have to be custom fit to your item. If you have the old screw, it can be adapted to the new ball. You would need to send your item for me to fit.

Some atomizers have an arm with a thin disc shaped cap near the end followed by a smaller threaded tube. This takes what is called an inside threaded ball. This is a fitting inside the ball rather than a screw sticking out. In this case, you can insert your old fitting following instructions above. If this fitting is missing, you are out of luck.

Some atomizers take a ball that does not have a screw, but slips on. Usually this type will have a disc or two discs at the end of the arm to hold the ball. In this case, the screw must be removed from the new ball. Follow instructions above. Again, the head of the disc fitting must not be too large. It may have to be ground smaller.

To Shorten the Cord: First cut the cord 1/2" longer than the desired length. Then pull down fabric to expose the inner tubing. Cut this to exact length. Tuck the fabric back into the end of the cord. Some new cords have a glued end. To shorten these you need to put glue on where it is to be cut and let it dry or wrap tape at the area to be cut. Then cut in the middle of the glue area or the tape. This will keep the fabric from unraveling.

Fitting Tip:
If spray top is too small - Wrap electrical or tephlon tape around threads of top as needed for a tighter fit.

If spray top is too large - for hole in your cap, send bottle. We will tap cap to fit.


Dental Plaster Instructions :
Screw atomizer top into cap and place on bottle to make sure it will fit properly on the bottle shoulder. If the atomizer arm alignment with the bottle design is important leave atomizzer screwed into cap (you can remove the siphon). Bottle neck and cap must be clean, free of grease. Mix only a small amount, enough for 1-3 caps at a time. 1/2 tsp. per cap. Plaster sets up in 15 min. depending on temperature. Add only a few drops of water at a time to make a paste. Apply to top edge of bottle and inside the cap. Plaster should just move down the inside of the cap when tapped gently. Be careful not to get too mush plaster oozing into the neck of the bottle. DO NOT DISTURB WHILE SETTING. Plaster will clean off glass and cap easily afterwards. A china cup works well to mix in.

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