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Antique Bottles with New Tops for Sale 

Perfume Atomizer Cords and Misc. Items

Includes gold or silver cord cap, cord, & ball.
One size fits all. Length is adjustable.

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Style Name Style Name
Large Metal Fitting

Colors: Black, Gold,
Beige, Yellow-green
Plastic Siphon Tubing
$0.05 per inch.

Fancy Knot

Small Metal Fitting

Black, Pale Gold,
Grey, Pink, Turquoise, Lavender, Blue,
White, Burgundy,

Colors: Gold or Silver Plated.

in gold metal

Small Round Ball & Fitting

Colors: Blue
Adapter Screw
1/8" Diameter used to attach cord to deco style top if screw is missing.

DeVilbiss Adapter
Add to new top to change thread size.

Extra Large Pear Shape

Colors: Black, Pale Gold


Glass Siphon
$1.00 per inch.

Replacements only to fit your holder. Not for new tops. Specify exact length and diameter


Extra Large Ball

Colors: Black,
Dark Gold

Solid Glass Dauber
$1.00 per inch.

Replacements only. Specify exact length and diameter or or send your holder & exact length measurement.

Small Metal Pear

Colors: Black, Pale Gold, Bright Royal Blue
Small Ball & Fitting

Colors: Black, Pale Gold


To Shorten the Cord:
First cut the cord 1/2" longer than the desired length. Then pull down fabric to expose the inner tubing. Cut this to exact length. Tuck the fabric back into the end of the cord.
Dental Plaster Powder & Instructions
$0.25 per one cap portion.

Used to adhere cap to bottle.


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